Waves of Grace

Waves of Grace & Team Chad

“Team Chad has been a pillar of support to furthering the mission of Waves of Grace over the last several years. Team Chad’s generosity has allowed an additional three families a year to receive an all expenses paid vacation. Waves of Grace looks forward to continuing the relationship for many years to come”

-Jennifer Matwijec Co-founder,
Director Waves of Grace
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About Waves of Grace

Waves of Grace was started by Jennifer Matwijec, whose mother passed away from stage IV gastric cancer. The beach has always meant the world to her family. Jennifer remembers fondly standing at the edge of the ocean and completely forgetting about everything she had left behind at home. She truly believes that the beauty of the ocean can heal. Waves of Grace seeks to share those moments of peace and healing with cancer patients and their families.

What They Do

Even though Chad was only with us for a short thirty years, Chad maximized every moment and had an incredible passion for life. This passion for life was evident in his many close friendships, his enthusiasm for all thinks associated with football (especially Big Orange Football), his zeal for his Christian values, and his love for his wife and family. During Chad’s two-year fight with AML leukemia, he also became passionate about the larger fight against leukemia and his love for his wife and family.