Our Story

A Few Words About Us

Chad's Story

Our friend, Chad Welch, was diagnosed with Acute  myelogenous leukemia (AML) on April 26, 2005. He endured two separate relapses and two full stem cell transplants during his 26-month long battle. Chad lost his courageous battle with cancer on June 24, 2007. Team Chad was inspired by Chad’s friends and family to help “Continue Chad’s fight against Leukemia.” 

While undergoing treatment, Chad often asked his family and friends “How do people get sick when they don’t have families to support them? Or what if they don’t have insurance?” Since 2007, Team Chad has been providing essential support to cancer patients and their families, who suffer financial hardship during treatment. Our mission is to provide the same access to care for all cancer patients, regardless of financial or personal hardships. 

Our History

For the last 16 years, Team Chad has given away $2,053,762 to financially support cancer patients and their families in Tennessee. We could not do this without the generous support of our sponsors and individuals. We thank you and invite others to join in and help continue Chad’s fight against leukemia.